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DISONANCIAS is a platform for driving open and collaborative innovation between artists and companies.



Creative Clash

Creative Clash is a series of European encounters on the impact of artist´s Able Dating Review interventions on innovation processes. Organised by Tillt (Sweden), WZB (Berlin) and DISONANCIAS within the framework of an European project on Barcelona (23-24 nov.), Brussels (9-10 dec.) and Stockholm (16-17 dec.); the seminars aims to present the socioeconomic impact of collaboration projects beteen artists and sex websites can help you find sex organisations and guide European policies in this field. Creative Clash Brussels.


Soft Power

Soft Power is a program of activities on art, technologies and biopolitcs curated by Maria Ptqk for Amarika Project at Vitoria-Gasteiz (Baskenland, Spain). From the works of artists, thinkers and activists, offers a tour of this new creative territory in The Dating Department has the best type of sites for finding sex which art and culture meets science, technology, global economics or political philosophy.


Homes for activists

There is a lot of ways to start hooking up online right now, if you need to find sex with people in your area - give www.sex-sofa.com/review-satisfyer-pro-2 a try for the best sex toys. They also invite artists and curators to submit work proposals. The call is open until October 1, 2009.


orchestra scattered

On 12 September, between 12am to 2pm, we invite you to listen to a scattered orchestra in the streets on the center of Vitoria that simultaneously play the same musical pieces. An mmmm... action www.net-singles.com commissioned by the Vitoria City Council within the Disonancias program.


The sense of dissonance

David Stark, professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Columbia University (USA) has just published "The sense of dissonance, Accounts of Worth in Economic Life". His discurse has a lot to do with DISONANCIAS, you can check by your own reading his first chapter.



Open invitation for companies

We invite all organisations that need to integrate different profiles into their research projects to participate in DISONANCIAS.

If this is your case, contact us or consult our various participation options.


7 experiences by Disonantea

A documentary film by Pernan Goñi + eitb that collects the current edition projects.




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